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Netball World Cup 2019: Match Day Mix with England's Serena Guthrie
England Roses star Serena Guthrie reveals her musical influences, including her not-so-guilty pleasure of boy band The Wanted.
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17-Jul-2019 - Source: BBC News

PFOS chemical levels found in Jersey water 'safe'
The study was undertaken after a concerned resident asked for a sample to be taken from their property.
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12-Jul-2019 - Source: BBC News

Jersey residents should 'use water wisely' during drought
Jersey's government has asked residents to restrict water usage as the island enters a drought.
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11-Jul-2019 - Source: BBC News

Chinese tech giant ZTE to build 5G network in Jersey
Telecoms company ZTE is given the opportunity to construct Jersey's 5G mobile network.
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10-Jul-2019 - Source: BBC News

Jersey's larger shops could open on Sundays in law change
A change in the law could see the ban lifted for Jersey's 30 largest retail companies.
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04-Jul-2019 - Source: BBC News

Secret company registers in Crown Dependencies to be made public
The UK's Crown Dependencies have set out a timetable to open up on company ownership.
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19-Jun-2019 - Source: BBC News

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